Grill Workshop

In this workshop we share around the fire, while we enjoy good food and toast with some wine or beer. We will learn about the versatilities of grilling, showing all possibilities that entail grill cooking. We will take you on a trip from salty to sweet, with products from sea and land, while the fire will create bonds between strangers.

Workshop Goal

This workshop creates a sense of community around the fire. It is here you will enjoy good food, while tasting fine wines and beers. You will learn about the versatility of grilling, breaking the narrow relationship between grill and meat and expanding your vision on what to do around fire. Together with the amazing surroundings, it will take us on a culinary trip through several preparations, from salty to sweet and with products coming from sea and land.


Min.: 6 People – Max: 24 People.

•Location and Season

If the weather accompanies us on this fine and pleasant experience, this workshop takes place in our park.

If not, this workshop is done indoors on the second floor of our restaurant. This format has a limit of 24 people maximum. So, if we are full, this workshop can be done on two different time schedules.  (12:30 hrs. and 17:00 hrs).

For the Spring and Summer season: The schedule by default is at 17:00hrs.

For the Autumn and Winter season: The schedule by default is at 12:30 hrs

•Activity development

The participants, together with the chef, will actively prepare everything from appetisers to the desserts on the grill, as detailed below:

  • Workshop presentation – 10 min.
  • Introduction (History of the fire and its importance in the gastronomy) – 15min.
  • Hand out workshop kit (recipes, apron and engraved workshop glass) – 5min.
  • Hands On (We cook around the fire) – 2 hours and 30 min.
  • Tasting – 30 to 40min.
  • Workshop closing – 10min.
  • Recipes.
  • Activity.
  • Appetiser.
  • Lunch or Dinner (Depending on Season and/or format).
  • Dessert.
  • Bar (water, juice, soft drinks, beers, sparkling wine or wine).
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