Sabores del Huerto

Connect with the land by working our garden with your hands. This workshop will intensify your sense of smell, sight and touch. You will experience the full process of working with a product freshly taken out of the land, then use it in the kitchen and finally, taste your own culinary creation. Flavours will be different, unique and special because of the connection you’ll feel with the land and all it can give.


Min.: 6 People – Max: 16 People.

•Location and Season

When the weather allows us to have this great and rich experience, this workshop is done in our park.

If the weather is not on our side, we can do this indoors, on the second floor of our restaurant or in the Palacio cafeteria.

Spring – Summer Season at 17:00 hrs.

Winter – Autumn Season at 12:30 hrs.

•Activity development

Participants will, together with the chef, prepare everything from appetiser to dessert, as detailed below.

  • Workshop presentation and welcome drink – 30min.
  • Workshop presentation (garden history and good practice of our harvest) – 40min.
  • Handing out of workshop kit (apron and workshop engraved glass) – 5min.
  • Vegetable harvest – 30min.
  • Our harvest preparation (alternatives, kitchen aids) – 2 hrs.
  • 3 course dinner– 40min.
  • Conclusion Experience – 10min.
  • Activity.
  • Appetiser.
  • Dinner.
  • Dessert.
  • Drinks (water, juice, soft drinks, beers, sparkling wine or wine).
Programs where to find this activity

Full Experience Program

Half Board Program