Tour “Getting to know Las Majadas”

The story goes that, a long time ago, in this place families lived who were important for the cultural and social development of the Pirque community. Details of that story will be shared with you on this tour “Getting to know Las Majadas”. This tour starts at the bar of our hotel every day at 12:30 and is free for our guests.

On this tour you can enjoy a glass of juice, water or a glass of wine of our Maipo valley. Our journey will take us through our centenary park, our botanic patrimony. You will get to know all the different natural species who live around us. On top of that, we will take you through our palace, tell you the story it holds, when it was built, the families who lived here previously, always when and if the size of corporate groups permit it.

Be part of one of the tours where you will be astonished by the history of Las Majadas. Walk along the paths where many years ago important people in dazzling clothes strolled according to all the formality of that time. Live and feel the tranquillity of our nature and marvel at the imposing architecture of our palace.


  • Every day at 12:30 hrs.