The Conversations Center of Las Majadas de Pirque was born to receive inspiring meetings and encounters. Both the rescue of the hundred-year-old park, and the remodeling of the old Las Majadas Palace (1907) with world class infrastructure, as well as the construction of a 50 room Residence and a Restaurant, are aimed at precisely responding to all those requirements associated with corporate stays.

In order to collaborate with a good experience, we have a pack that includes everything necessary so that our clients live a unique experience that facilitates the creation and development of new ideas.

We invite you to expand your view, read between the lines, not individually but as a group.


Renting of space and halls

In Las Majadas de Pirque we understand the importance of spaces to facilitate the development and quality of encounters. We have highly flexible halls, and others that have been equipped to receive certain types of dynamics and meeting; all of them are equipped with projection amplification systems, and support elements. We invite you to get to know them.


The Residence of Las Majadas de Pirque has 50 rooms that can be used as singles or doubles, all of them with views to the park. It is a place of rest and disconnection, in which silence is valued. Functionality and comfort are at the center of the design.


As part of the experience of coming to Las Majadas de Pirque, we include transportation from a single location in Santiago for work teams. This is a professional service that will doubtlessly make your days more pleasant.

Catering and Gastronomy

Corporate stays include the catering and gastronomy of the work days. We have different formats and proposals that can be quoted at the request of our clients.

Complementary activities and services

We have an interesting and wide variety of alternatives of activities and services that can be done in Las Majadas de Pirque, or in our surroundings. From visits and tastings of the best wines of Pirque, to live music, horseback riding, and hiking.


We have a wifi network throughout our facilities.