AIRE – Strategy from Identity

“We accompany organisations in rediscovering their identity and changing in a simple, deep and creative way.”

AIRE – Strategy from Identity

Consultancy in identity and strategy.

Our purpose is to strengthen a company culture, focused on people, open to change and understanding that the company is a deep collective team effort, in order to create value and have a positive impact in their community.

AIRE Workshops or work processes 


We accompany the organisations in defining a collective goal with a deep and mobilising involvement.

Value proposals

We accompany the organisations in defining from their identity a value proposal which allows them to differentiate.

Board with purpose

We accompany the board in defining a goal and connecting them to the organisation.

Team identity

We accompany the work teams in defining their identity in a collaborative way and from there design a strategy which will allow them to define future challenges.

Planning from purpose

We accompany the organisations in defining, from their identity, a planning of strategic actions as a road map for the future.

Commercial Conditions
Non-refundable program.
Doesn’t include extra consumption in the Restaurant, hotel bar or tavern.