Refresh and Reconnect

The Las Majadas de Pirque Hotel (2016) is a project of the Lyon-Bosch architectural office. It is an honest and warm building, constructed with noble, expressive materials like oak and elm, which allow the interior design to invite rest and peaceful disconnection.

Our Hotel, with its 50 double rooms and Park views, is the perfect place to rest after a day of work or as a weekend getaway for couples, friends and family.

The rooms are equipped for complete relaxation and include wifi, heating, and laundry service.

The hotel has a number of lounge areas and 50 rooms that can be used as singles or doubles, all of which have a balcony and park view.

A Hotel with 50 rooms overlooking the park, accomating single or double formats. There are 4 types of rooms:

  • Parque
  • Parque Superior
  • Parque Centenario
  • Parque Majadas

*Option to include additional bed.

Cuña Arturo Lyon

Habitación Standard 44

144.538 + IVA
*215 USD


158.824 + IVA
*235 USD

Habitación Superior 4*

159.664 + IVA
*235 USD


176.471 + IVA
*260 USD

Habitación Majadas 2

175.630 + IVA
*260 USD


193.277 + IVA
*285 USD

*extranjeros exentos de pagar IVA. presentando pasaporte, tarjeta de inmigración y pagando en USD.

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