Enjoy the outdoors in this magical and inspiring place

Originally designed by the French landscaper Guillermo Renner in 1909, the Las Majadas de Pirque park has more than a thousand perennial trees and native Peumos, Araucarias, Lebanon Cedars, Sequoias, Cypresses, Tilos, Palms, Oriental Bananas and Encinos among many other species throughout the 8 hectares.

You'll discover a thousand hundred-year-old trees, pools of water and walking paths.

The Park renovation was carried out by Alejandra Bosch, winner of the Best Landscape Architect Ranking ED 2017, along with Arturo Lyon and Teodoro Fernández, winner of the National Architecture Award. They maintained the original structure of the center circular path, while creating new walkways, which allow the park to be explored in different ways. This was the main idea behind the restoration and remodeling of the Las Majadas de Pirque project: to create bridges between diverse people with common goals. We hope to create new experiences in interesting meeting environments.


It is truly a magical and inspiring place that changes color with every season.

Gracias a una alianza con Plantsss App, el parque de Las Majadas de Pirque puede ser recorrido en su totalidad gracias a dicha aplicación de descarga gratuita (app store y google play) y a través de ella, descubrir los casi mil árboles, sus orígenes y características.