We are a Conversation Center with one mission: to contribute towards the construction of Social Capital in Chile and Latin America.

The creation of networks between people generates backing and support to those who are part of them, making the systems in which they move more efficient.

Our goal is to build a true factory of human networks that contributes towards creating greater Social Capital, which we understand as the sum of the value of the bridges between different people with common objectives.

We want to be a prominent place in the continent in the next 200 years, fostering, facilitating, and creating conversations that instill trusts and allow the exploration of possible futures.


At Las Majadas de Pirque we believe in people, their talents, their potentials, and in the opportunities to explore, learn, improve, and grow together. Our work team moves based on the values of respect, commitment, collaborative work, and the spirit of service.

We are respectful of our surroundings and culture. We value the agricultural and winegrowing vocation of our territory, as well as the exceptional nature of the Maipo Valley. We believe in virtuous networks that have allowed us to articulate with our surroundings, generating value to the experiences lived from Las Majadas.

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