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It was built in 1907 by the architect Alberto Cruz Montt, the same creator of some of Santiago’s most iconic places, such as Club de La Union and the Central Bank headquarters. Our impressive palace has a French style, surrounded by a beautiful centenary park with more than 1.000 trees. The gardens were designed by the French landscaper Guillermo Renner, responsible for the O’Higgins Park and for transforming the Santa Lucia Hill into a public park.

All this and more has turned the Las Majadas palace into a meeting point, harbouring thoughts, inspiration and creation in the middle of Pirque’s nature and air.


We have renovated each corner in order to create a meeting centre for Chile and Latin-America.

The Palace accommodates 5 salons of different dimensions, each of them made to address different types of meetings or events.


  • Lounge
  • Executive
  • Directory
  • Auditorium
  • Workshop

We also have common spaces, which allow encounters and conversations.

Common spaces:

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Tavern