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A sustainable world

Sustainability is more than just a trendy word to us. Taking care of the environment and the people who surround us is part of our genes. Our hotel, through its architectural design and the authentic and natural materials we use, has been designed specially to promote this.

At Las Majadas, a sustainable world is a world where people enjoy happy experiences inside the resources of their environment, leaving space for wildlife and nature.

We will always be concerned about having a positive environmental, social and economic impact for everybody.


You will find a recycling facility where recycling materials such as carton, glass, paper and plates can be deposited or disposed of. Once a week these materials are being picked up and deposited in a recycling collection centre of the Pirque municipality.


Our park is sprinkled by melting water from the mountains and on top of that, we also have a lake nearby which works as a water reserve in times of drought.


In our garden we sow and harvest all our vegetables used in our menu such as garlic, chard, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, scallion, arugula and chives amongst others.


20% of our co-workers live in Pirque. This way we diminish our carbon footprint and provide labour opportunities to the people from Pirque.
We always strive for internal work growth by promoting the development and personal and professional welfare of our staff. In addition, we promote a healthy lifestyle so we provide our co-workers a 24/7 fruit spot, a hypocaloric menu and active breaks.


We are a company that is committed to workplace inclusion and our team includes people with disabilities. We actively participate in the Municipality of Pirque’s workplace inclusion program and were distinguished for that participation in 2022.


Our personal hygiene products such as shampoo, conditioner and soaps are all of natural origin. Certified formulas by ECOCERT and labelled by COSMEBIO.
They do not contain parabens, nor GMO, dyes or silicones. They haven't been tested on animals nor do they originate from animals. They have been carefully tested under dermatological supervision.


20% of our suppliers come from Pirque, especially gastronomic consumables.


Linkage with the community and alliances with local companies: We allied ourselves with 5 famous vineyards in Pirque and with “Mercado Origen” y “La Mielería”. Furthermore, we provide support to social companies with scarce resources such as Timoun Piti, a children's home in Pirque.