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Majadas Meetings

The Conversations Center of Las Majadas de Pirque was born to receive inspiring meetings and encounters. Both the rescue of the hundred-year-old park, and the remodeling of the old Las Majadas Palace (1907) with world class infrastructure, as well as the construction of a 50 room Residence and a Restaurant, are aimed at precisely responding to all those requirements associated with corporate stays.
In order to collaborate with a good experience, we have a pack that includes everything necessary so that our clients live a unique experience that facilitates the creation and development of new ideas.
Majadas Meeting 1 D

Come for the day with your team and enjoy our facilities, the Park and Restaurant, an ideal environment to work and create.   Superior Include: Meeting Room 1 Welcome Coffee 1 Coffee AM 1 Majadas Lunch 1 Coffee PM Línea …

Majadas Meeting 1D + 1N

Come for a work day then rest at our Hotel. We invite you, together with your team, to enjoy a unique place to work and create. Let yourself go and relax at our Park and Restaurant.     Superior Includes: …

Majadas Meeting 1½D + 1N

Come for a work day then rest in our Hotel to recharge. We invite you, together with your team, to enjoy a unique place to work and create. Let yourself go and relax in our Park and Restaurant.   Superior …

Majadas Meeting 2D + 1N

Come with your team and enjoy a unique place that invites you to think differently, providing an ideal environment to work and create. Make the most of your meetings by resting in our Hotel, reenergizing in our Park, and enjoying …

Majadas Meeting 2D + 2N

Here at Las Majadas, we invite you to disconnect at this unique place. Hold meetings in our Palace, rest at our Hotel, reenergize in our Park and enjoy the delicious cuisine in our Restaurant. We are sure that Las Majadas …


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Majadas Workshops

We invite you to broaden your horizons and to see things differently, both individually and as a group. This is why we offer a wide range of consultants with whom we have had the privilege of working with for several years, placing all of our trust in them to complement our client activities within their organizations.
CIMA 2 – Team Building excepcionales en un lugar único

“ Impulsamos a los equipos con experiencias excepcionales de Team Building que generan la confianza y compromiso necesarios para acompañar los procesos de transformación …


“Acompañamos a las organizaciones a redescubrir su identidad y cambiar, de forma simple, profunda y creativa.”” Descripción Consultoría en identidad y estrategia Más información Nuestro …


“Nos hacemos cargo del futuro, comprometiéndonos estratégicamente para dar vida a transformaciones de negocios que desafían el status quo del presente.” Descripción Consultoría en …


“Impulsamos el desarrollo de culturas organizacionales conscientes, que inspiren a las personas a transformar su entorno”   Descripción Implementamos programas para el desarrollo de …


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