Attitude Lab – Leading from Purpose + Team Building

“We create more links in society, understanding that empathy is the motor behind change for a world with more sense.”

Attitude Lab – Leading from Purpose + Team Building

Workshop Leadership, permeability of organisational purpose and Team Building
Why take part in this workshop today?

The world is changing. Will we stop being alone? More than ever we need to be unified, rediscover ourselves through purpose, understand the new context and dynamics of hybrid work. We need to lead to incorporate everything learned and re-enchant our people. We need to retake the nonverbal language and thus reconnect.

We invite you to live the experience “Leading from purpose”, have Team building experiences and permeability of organisational purpose which renews beliefs that will help us to have more united and productive teams in these days.

Two options to make an impact in your work teams. We are a company B and have more than 10 years of experience making impacts in high-performance teams. We believe that the context given in these workshops is very important. That’s why we want to locate them and develop them in a space which resembles the day to day work. That way it is easier to take home everything lived and learned in these workshops.

  1. Team Building Workshop. What does it consist of?

With the help of playful activities (serious games) we create an atmosphere in which co-workers can get to know each other a little bit better outside the work environment. We perform activities which have an impact in the work team, the adaptability, the commitment, trust, efficient communication among others. Furthermore, your co-workers can learn how to identify their own gaps and clarify, on a personal level, which aspects to change and improve.

  1. Permeability of Purpose Workshop 

If you feel that your organisational purpose has been weakened lately and you need to permeate your co-workers again, then this is a workshop for you! Through different playful and recreational activities, we will help your co-workers to reconnect with their personal and organisational purpose. The organisational purpose should permeate in each of your co-workers. Through them you will get more motivation, commitment, sense of belonging and better results.

What can you expect of these workshops?

  1. Generate a diagnosis which allows you to visualize your team dynamics, from a leadership perspective.
  2. Inspire your co-workers with a vibrant and playful experience of collaboration and team work.
  3. Work skills, abilities and values which allow to strengthen unity, team feeling and commitment.
  4. Permeate the participants with the organisational purpose, strengthening leaderships prepared for the times to come.
Commercial Conditions
Non-refundable program.
Price based on double room (two people).
Doesn’t include extra consumption in the Restaurant, hotel bar or tavern.