Purgatory Trekking – William Fevre

We head for the San Juan de Pirque sector, at 9 km distance from our hotel. There we will see Purgatory Hill, recognizable from several points of Santiago. At these foothills we encounter the William Fevre vineyard, one of the many vineyards in Pirque. Thanks to them we have access to their lands, being able to know a bit more about the wine culture of this country’s central zone and agricultural life around it. This trekking takes about 1 hour of climbing and takes us to a plateau from where one can enjoy beautiful views from the Sierra de Ramón, the sclerophyllous forest, the Maipo river and its homonymous valley.


Min.: 1 – Max: Not specified.
Children: From 6 years old.

•Location and season

We go east over a paved path which allows us to arrive to San Juan de Pirque, 9 km from our hotel. Travel time: 15 minutes to the beginning of the trekking.

This route is possible all year long. (all seasons)

•Activity Outline

The participants, together with our guides, will get to know the geological heritage of Cajon del Maipo. You will walk through the valleys, and aside of meeting its tributary, volcanoes and glaciers, you will learn a lot about the communal and regional history of the place.

  • Half day.
  • Low difficulty.
  • Includes walking sticks.
  • Bandana and bottle Majadas as gift.
  • Snack which includes: 2 chef sandwiches, energy bar or brownie, dry fruits and fruit.
  • 17:00 Briefing prior to trekking (day before).
  • 07:30 Breakfast.
  • 08:00 Leaving hotel.
  • 08:15 Beginning trekking.
  • 10:00 Return to hotel.
  • 10:15 – 11:00 Arrival hotel.
•Itinerary Sunset
  • 16:00 Briefing prior to trekking (day before).
  • 18:00 Leaving hotel.
  • 18:15 Beginning trekking.
  • 20:30 Return to hotel
  • 20:45 – 21:00 Arrival hotel.
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