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Day at Majadas | Saturday and Sundays

Enjoy Saturdays or Sundays at Las Majadas. Get to know our history, enjoy exceptional dishes created from the area’s finest produce and relax in our peaceful centenary park. Includes: Visiting Las Majadas tour, lunch at Sequoia restaurant, afternoon at the …

Majadas Short Break Programs

Do you need a break in the middle of your week? Break the routine and disconnect at Las Majadas de Pirque. Our short breaks will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.   Enjoy our cuisine from Sunday to Thursday, rest …

Secrets from the Sommelier Program

Enjoy the best wines produced in the area at Las Majadas de Pirque, Expect an indulgent evening with our exquisite cuisine, peaceful centenary park and relaxing hotel. *Program valid until December 2021. Secrets from the Sommelier Program Day 1: 15:00 …

Discover Your Route Program

Visit Las Majadas de Pirque and enjoy its beautiful surroundings, connect with nature, enjoy our exquisite cuisine and wines at our restaurant. Disconnect and relax at our hotel and wake up in the middle of our peaceful centenary park.   …

Flavours from our Kitchen Garden Program

Learn how to grow herbs and vegetables from our chef Marcelo Saldaña in a journey that will take you from the kitchen garden to a cuisine experience. Expect an indulgent evening with our exquisite cuisine, peaceful park and relaxing hotel. …

Hamper Basket Picnic Program

Enjoy a delicious hamper basket picnic with your partner, family or friends. Connect with nature and breathe the peaceful atmosphere in our park at sunset followed by the unique experience of waking up at Hotel de Las Majadas de Pirque. …


Unique Place

Learn about this magical place, with a Hotel surrounded by centuries-old nature, a Palace with venues specially designed for teamwork, and a Restaurant with true local cuisine.


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