Beyond Santiago

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“It was a first class getaway. “

“Excellent, for my liking 5 stars. We chose this place because it offered a great space in direct contact with nature, and it turned out to be an extremely peaceful place, it exceeded our expectations. Beautiful gardens with hundred-year-old trees and a palace that seemed out of a story . All the staff very friendly and well trained. The spectacular cuisine, it was a first class getaway. “

Beyond Santiago

Come live the experience of reconnecting with the simple things. We invite you to lose yourself in the mountain range of the Andes following animal tracks, bathing in its rivers, watching birds, observing its colorful stones and admiring its glaciers. Dare to discover the warm face behind the hands that mold the clay, so that you yourself can say that they are special, loving and curious people. Sign up to taste flavors full of details, that only this area of ​​the Maipo Valley will let you experience. Walk through our orchard harvesting for yourself what will later give you the energy to continue the adventure, your own adventure.

The Andes Mountains are one of the most extensive and ancient mountain ranges in the world, with stones that are over 160,000,000 years old. The variety of its land includes glaciers, volcanoes, grasslands, deserts, lakes and forests. Here you can find varied fauna, from condors to pumas.

This area is the best for vineyards because of the weather, so much so that it is said that Pirque has the best wines in the country. Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of the area are the vineyards that you can visit, some of them are tended by their own owners, and located just 10 minutes from our hotel.

The gastronomic experience starts before sitting at the table, it begins in our garden, where many of our foods grow. Here we invite you to try fresh and tasty products, that will invite you to hightlight each of your senses.

Our Hotel

We are a hotel that was born in 2016 interrelating the warm with the avant-garde, to ensure that our interior invites to rest and disconnect. Noble materials such as Olmos and Encinas were used in our structure, giving a rustic feeling to a modern structure.

We have 50 rooms, each of them overlooks the park, which has more than 1,000 different species that are distributed in more than 8 hectares. Our restaurant will conquer you with local preparations, whose flavors you will only find here.

We also have different activities and workshops that will make you live the Majadas experience, each time you come, in a different way.