Rest, disconnection and wine: Learn Secrets of the Sommelier

January 5, 2022

The Alyan, Concha y Toro, El Principal and Haras de Pirque vineyards are the stars of this unmissable program, which will take you to discover some of the best kept secrets of the Maipo Valley. 

A new weekend is approaching and, as it is summer, there is no lack of desire to leave Santiago. However, choosing an entertaining panorama, with nature included, close to the city and that can be done as a couple … like a romantic weekend, is difficult to do. 

For this reason, thinking of a different day, in which wine and disconnection are the protagonists, sounds perfect. That’s where “Secretos del Sommelier” comes in, a program at the Las Majadas hotel designed for all of us who want to escape from our routine for one night and enjoy the best wines, without going any further. 

There are four vineyards that can be visited: Alyan, Concha y Toro, El Principal and Haras de Pirque. All of them with a great reputation and with perfect tours to what you’re looking for. For example, a tasting while enjoying the sunset is one of the bets that Alyan offers; visit the legendary Casillero del Diablo winery, it is one of the attractions that Concha y Toro has; A barbecue in its classic viewpoint is one of the most requested in El Principal; and discovering the organic vineyards by bicycle is one of the must in Haras de Pirque. 

This experience is striking not only because of the quality of the vineyards and tours that exist in the Maipo Valley, but also because of what the complete program means: disconnection, rest at the Las Majadas hotel in the middle of nature and unique gastronomy in the Restaurant Sequoia. 

To finish – and not bore you with so many words, it is better to live it than read it – I will not tell you in which vineyard or tour I booked, since I do not want to ruin the surprise of each one. I’ll just say that I already have several panoramas for the weekends. 


– Sunscreen and hat 

– Review the programs of each vineyard well 

– Live each experience as if it were the only one

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