The creation of networks between people generates support to those who are part of them, making the systems in which they operate more efficient.

Our purpose is to build a true factory of human networks that contributes to create greater Social Capital, which we understand to be the sum of the value of the bridges between different people with common goals.

We commit ourselves with

At Las Majadas de Pirque we believe in people, their talents, their potentials, and in the opportunities to explore, learn, improve, and grow together. Our work team mobilizes itself based on the values of respect, commitment, team work, and service spirit.

We are respectful of our environment and culture. We value the agricultural and winegrowing vocation of our territory, as well as the exceptional character of nature in the Maipo Valley. We believe in the virtuous networks that have allowed us to articulate ourselves with our environment, generating value to the experiences that are enjoyed at Las Majadas.

Our mission has remained firm and increasingly valid: to be a support in the construction of social capital in Chile and Latin America.

Many good conversations have taken place during this time, and the mobilizing ideas that many of you have given us are what have allowed us to transform Las Majadas into a place that generates value in and of itself.

Considering the fact that something of each of them always sticks to our walls, Las Majadas has slowly been filling up with ideas, new networks, and experiences. Now we want to share our Manifesto with you.

We value conversations

Conversations are what precede trust. Through them we can explore possible futures. A conversation can be life changing.

We create based on collaborations

One of the great powers of ecosystems are synergies. Each of us generates a world that is different to those of others. Those differences enrich us and allow us, through collaboration, to create new possibilities.

We act with humility and respect

We are constantly learning and accepting that we can be mistaken. We take each mistake and each failure as a unique opportunity to continue to improve within a framework of respect and value of everyone else.

We believe in integrations

We know that we don’t have all the answers. This is why we develop and promote instances in which different people with common goals interact and create bonds based on reciprocity and trust.

We value contexts

We believe in the power of a place to extol conversations, to take them in, and to facilitate them. We know that the correct environment creates inspiration, and makes it possible to connect with the here and now.