Dough Workshop

This workshop emerges us into the world of dough. We will connect with this wonderful food, creating several sweet and salty preparations with our own hands. A unique experience which you will definitely apply in your own home.

Goal of the workshop

The goal is to teach each participant how to make bread and get to know the world of bakery and its bases, taking them through a unique experience. By working the dough with their own hands, participants will feel how it is to create and value this noble, versatile and particular food. Participants will make different types of bread which we often use in our gastronomy. At the end, participants will be able apply this in the comfort of their home or wherever they want.


Min.: 6 People – Best: 6 People – Max: 10 People.

•Location and Season

This program takes place on the second floor of the restaurant, a covered place where participants can end the day with a fantastic dinner. Because of the weather another alternative can be the cafeteria or the palace terrace. A rustic oven is installed where participants can give their final touch to their creations.

For the Spring and Summer season: The schedule by default is Saturdays at 17:00hrs. and Sundays at 13:00 hrs.

For the Autumn and Winter season: The schedule by default is at 16:30 hrs.

•Activity development

In this program each participant will receive a different recipe from the beginning. They will also receive different tips, ways of working, materials, tools and the development of the raw material. They will start by making a pre ferment, to which the total mix will be added so they get to know the kneading, fermenting and baking process. We will teach them different ways of kneading and shaping each creation. During the workshop, participants will be given fluids, an empanada cocktail and a sandwich, made with the created bread. Once the program is finished, participants will be able to enjoy their creations, have some coffee, tea or infusions, in addition of wine or any other liquid. After the workshop, participants will be able to take their apron with the name of the workshop engraved and any type of bread which was created in this workshop.

  • Workshop presentation and kit hand out (Apron) – 5 min.
  • Hands On (bread preparation) – 3 hours and 30 min.
  • Tasting – 1 hour.
  • Closing Workshop – 5 min.
  • Activity.
  • Appetiser.
  • Your own created sandwich (Dinner).
  • Dessert.
  • Bar (water, juice, soft drinks or wine).
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